.ACUITY PRESS  discovers, supports, and publishes artists.

We started by listening to artists, curators and collectors about the challenges surrounding publishing art books. This pushed us to re-think the traditional publishing model. We are very aware of the challenges of discovery, publication and distribution. The result is that we are uniquely open to artistic diversity and this allows us to innovate our search for artists. We are looking for artists whose work has been ignored by other publishers or galleries. This allows Acuity Press to empower artists with access to collectors, book lovers, museums, and galleries.

When an artist’s work is at last published and in the hands of collectors and lovers of art books, 'we have made the hidden visible.'


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This experience is about you. When you open a book of images your senses sharpen and focus. You take in the book’s weight, its smell and texture. There’s the sound of paper separating as you turn each page. When you open a book, image after image waits for your discovery.

Underneath these images, rests the artist. In their images you discover a precise instinct for capturing or constructing the moment. It is in these images that the artist’s lays bare a clear perspective and their distinctive opinions become visible.

Finding artists and connecting you to their work is what we do. Our approach frees us to discover artistic work that moves, breathes, and lives. Because we put curators in charge of choosing artists for publication, and because a new curator is selected for every project, Acuity Press Monographs offer a deep richness and diversity that other publishers miss. This is how we publish books you want, appreciate, and value


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Our two imprints take unseen artistic work, put that work on the page, and share it with the world. As an independent publisher disrupting traditional publishing we do things a little differently. It comes with the territory. You might imagine that we float above the ever-changing expanse of art and images, free to discover artistic work that moves, breathes, and lives.


Acuity Press Legacy Monograph

Who: Established artists, previously published or whose work is in galleries and museums, in need of a publisher.

Resources: You’ll have access to a publishing team, our unique collaborative environment, and our streamlined publishing model.

Next: Contact us about publishing your work with Acuity Press Legacy. We think you’ll like our platform.


Acuity Press Monograph

Who: Undiscovered and emerging artists, not yet published, ready to submit work for consideration.

Resources: Your work will be juried by an unbiased curator or gallerist of note. If you’re selected for publication, you will have access to our collaborative publishing model that offers design, writing, and curatorial assistance.

Next: Stay tuned for our announcement for project submissions



There’s a moment when a body of work is first seen. It involves a sense of awe and an absence of breath. It brings surprise, astonishment, curiosity, and delight. At Acuity we discover, celebrate, publish, and share these moments with the world.

Producing a diverse catalog requires us to be independent. We do things differently and we believe there’s room for all types of art and artists. The logistics of making and supporting a book are formidable. Here is a list of everyone involved.


Artists are the reason for our existence. They bring vision, passion, and unique subjects to the Acuity catalogue and trust us to support and share their work.

Committed to publishing artists with differing perspectives and subjects, we don’t shy away from unique, disruptive, or niche artists. Currently we are focused on several photography volumes, along with being in the early development stages of books illuminating all the fine arts, children’s illustrated volumes, graphic novels, and cookbooks. In every category we look for artists who produce work worthy of exposure. We’re here to make their work visible.

Get to know our two imprints and put yourself on our alert email list. We don’t spam, send marketing emails, sell your information, or do anything else but let you know when a publishing opportunity becomes available. artist @acuitypress.com OR Link to an email sign-up list.


Curators provide much needed validation to undiscovered, emerging, and established artists. They bring talent, attention to detail, and enthusiasm to every Acuity Press project. Curators review thousands of images, write the forward for the books they’ve selected, and in some cases work with an artist to further refine the edit of their work.

We want fresh eyes and new ideas to validate and shape each book. To do this we select a new curator for every Acuity Press publishing project. This allows us to celebrate a wide range of material unfettered by the concerns other publishers have: time, resources, and profits. Bringing their own take on what is valuable, each curator pushes us to be an extremely diverse publisher. Our goal with the books we publish is to continuously evolve, transmit unique aesthetics, and escape repetition.

We invite curators, gallerists, editors, and writers to join our curatorial team. Whether you have a specific book you’d like to curate, or are interested in a particular genre or artist, please be in touch with us. We’re here to discover and explore.


Designers bring a book to life. Their knowledge of design, layout capabilities, and publishing experience build a foundation for an artist’s vision.

Acuity Press believes collaboration between artist and designer makes a crucial difference. After an artist and designer agree on a design, the collaboration begins. This collaborative environment is one of the most exciting periods in Acuity’s publishing process.

We invite designers to join our design team. We would love to hear from you, take a look at recent work, and talk about our upcoming projects 


Producers effectively and efficiently manage a publishing project end-to-end. Our producers work hand-in-hand with artists to demystify the publishing process and to relieve the designer of the burden of the publishing process.

We understand the publishing process and what it takes to organize, design, and print a small edition book project. The glue of every team, the producer, works with artists to collect and organize images. They set deadlines and oversee the printing process. And most importantly, they problem-solve. Producers free artists, designers, and writers from project management tasks to do what they do best.

We invite logisticians, publishing coordinators, and Type A personalities to join our producer team. If you want to help discover and support new artists, Acuity Press is where you want to be.